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  • Engine model S60, 4-Cycle Turbocharged, Aftercooled
  • Inline 6 cylinder
  • 14L Displacement (855 cu. in.)
  • Bore and Stroke 133x168mm (5.24 x 6.61in)
  • 16.0:1 Compression ratio
  • Piston speed 604 m/min (1980 ft./min.)
  • 7 Precision Half-Shell Main Bearings
  • 1800 Rated RPM
  • 511kWm (685BHP) Max power at rated rpm
  • Cast Iron Cylinder head material
  • Forged Steel Crankshaft
  • Iron-Based Seat Intake Valve material
  • Nickel-Based Seat Exhaust material
  • DDEC Electronic Control Governor
  • Isochronous Frequency regulation, no-load to full-load
  • Fixed Frequency
  • Steady state frequency regulation +/- 0.25%
  • Dry Air Cleaner
  • Smoothes the ride. Unique independent hydraulic suspension isolates tractor, operator, and cargo from the shocks and impacts of rough terrain.
  • Rail frame is mounted on a swinging cradle subframe, which pivots from the tractor frame to allow cushioning movement in vertical plane.
  • Four large-bore, long-stroke cylinders provide excellent cushioning and dampening.
  • High capacity nitrogen accumulator absorbs hauling and loading shocks transmitted by oil from the suspension cylinders.
  • Tensioning cylinders also have nitrogen accumulator to absorb shock in the horizontal plane.
  • Load stresses go directly to the suspension system rather than being absorbed by the frame. This extends the life of the frame and provides a more comfortable ride for the operator.
  • Designed for improved performance, increased reliability, and prolonged brake life.
  • Service Brakes
  • Foot-operated brakes are electronically actuated.
  • Four-wheel electronic DB external resisitor brakes.
  • Parking Brake
  • The four-wheel push-button-operated parking brakes electronically applied
  • 2, 4 & 6 Person Cabs Available
  • 6 Passenger Team Vehicle - Includes 5th wheel hitch.
  • Optional 15 Passenger Transporter/Work Station.
  • Three Point Hitch, includes swinging drawbar
  • ROPS/FOPS protected, sound supressed
  • Air conditioned, pressurized
  • Eight Heaters, A/C vents
  • Tinted Saftey Glass
  • Front/rear wipers with washers
  • Gauges: Engine coolant temp, engine oil pressure, fuel level, hydraulic
  • Arctic Package
    Double insulated Cab.
    Environmentally sealed.
    Pony motor.
    Heat containment.
    Arctic track.
  • Semi Trailer
    Tracked 5th wheel trailers in various configurations for pipe, fuel, workstation, etc.
    Track units use parts that are interchangeable with Endeavor Tractor track units.
  • Military
    Designed for severe duty service with specialized payload packages.
  • Custom Applications
    Designed and built to customer specifications for specialized needs.

When you buy a Scheetz, Inc. Machine, you get our totally commitment to customer support as well as warranty and superior customer support.
  • Part Availability
    Most parts are immediately available from any dealer. Rely on our worldwide computer network to find parts instantly and minimize downtime. Many components are economically available as remanufactured Products.
  • Machine Management Services - dealers help manage your equipment investment with:
    ..- Effective preventive maintenance programs
    ..- Diagnostic programs such as S-O-S and Technical Analysis
    ..- Customer Meetings
    ..- Equipment Selection Software
  • Flexible Financing
    Talk to your dealer to learn how terms can be structured to meet your cash flow requirements. Your dealer can arrange affordable financing.
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